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Lawn Treatments

The treatments we provide are available individually, one off, or most commonly as part of an annual treatment plan.


Scarifying your lawn, whether it be for thatch or moss, is in the long term an extremely beneficial procedure but in the short term it can make a right old mess of it. Though it will recover and be better than ever, getting there in the shortest possible time is our ultimate objective.

Maratt Lawn & Garden Scarifying a lawn in Millhouses, Sheffield


Hollow-tine Aeration is an effective way to thin-out sub-surface thatch in a lawn. It does this by mechanically removing thousands of cores from the lawn allowing water, oxygen and other nutrients access to the root zone.

Maratt Lawn & Garden Hollow tine Aeration on a lawn in Whirlow, Sheffield

Iron Treatment

Ferrous Sulphate (Iron Treatment) is great for greening up grass without causing growth and the best way to control moss in lawns. We recommend having this treatment every autumn to 'harden' the grass before winter.

A Mossy lawn in Door, Sheffield ready for treatment

Selective Herbicide

What are herbicides? Herbicides are chemicals that kill plants or prevent them from growing. Another name for herbicide is Weedkiller.
There are times when the only way to get rid of a stubborn weed is to treat it with a herbicide. If your lawn is full of weeds then a Selective Herbicide application will help. As the name suggests it only acts on broadleaf weeds, so the lawn is not affected.  

Get rid of weeds in Lawn In Sheffield with Maratt Lawn & Garden
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