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Landscaper in Greenhill from Maratt lawn & Garden

Landscaping Services

We undertake a broad range of landscaping services from installing a single garden gate to full garden projects. When you decide you want help with your garden we will come for an initial assessment and discuss your requirements, after that you will receive a formal quote for your approval. As both a Gardener and Landscaper we understand the finer details plants make to the overall feel of your garden and how the space will be affected as they mature. Throughout your project we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and regular clear communication.

Soft and Hard Landscaping service

Fencing and turfing project in High green from Maratt lawn & Garden

What is Hard Landscaping?

Hard landscaping can be the construction of a new patio or garden fence. As part of our landscaping projects we can either create a plan with you or work to client specifications provided. Just some of the services are listed below, get in touch to see how we can help, even if we don't cover that service, we probably know someone that does!


Patio Installation





Raised Beds

Water Features and Ponds

Garden Lighting

Gate Hanging

Maratt Lawn & Garden bark wood chip or bark on an newly planted garden bed in Hillsborogh, Sheffield

What is Soft Landscaping?

Soft landscaping can be the creation of a new planting area or turfing for a new lawn. Instead of the use of hard landscaping materials to build a boundary for your garden. You could use hedging plants or shrubs instead.

Hedge Laying

Bulb Planting

Turf Laying

Wildflower Seeding

Orchard Planting

Hanging Baskets

Seasonal border Plants

Veg Garden

Lawn Seeding

Bark Mulch and Topsoil

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