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mossy lawn in sheffield

Iron Treatment

For killing moss, creating greener grass and 'hardening' the lawn

Using different application rates, Ferrous Sulphate can be used to green up the grass and harden the sward. Lawn hardening makes the turf more resistant to disease and fungal attack.

For moss killing we use a double dose of Ferrous Sulphate which dehydrates the moss and turns it black, we recommend carrying out scarification after to remove the dead moss.

How is this  Carried out?

You do not need to be home for us to carry out this treatment.

This treatment is carried out in Early Spring, Late Spring, Early Autumn,Late Autumn, Winter

Before Our Visit

In advance of an Iron Treatment please cut your lawn to it's normal length.

The Application Day

We monitor the weather closely, and if rain or strong winds are forecast then we will re schedule your appointment as it is not safe or effective to apply Ferrous Sulphate in these conditions.
During our visit children and animals must kept inside while we work. We will be wearing full PPE and will apply Ferrous Sulphate using either a knapsack sprayer or spot sprayer depending on the area to be treated.

After our Visit

Please keep off the lawn (including animals) for 24h to avoid staining paths, patios and decking etc. Grazing animals such as rabbits, tortoises and guinea pigs should be kept out of the treated area for at least 14 days / 3 cuts. Results will be seen within 2/3 days.

Before and after Ferrous Sulphate application

You can see the effects on the left with greener grass and the moss has been blackened ready for scarification.

Maratt Lawn & Garden treating a mossy lawn in Dore, Sheffield
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