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Maratt Lawn & Garden lawn makeover in sheffield

Complete Lawn Makeover


'A Miracle' is how many of our customers describe their lawn's transformation following our usual treatments. 
However, even with the best treatments, at times the lawn just doesn’t live up to our or our customer's expectations. When all else fails, book a Complete Lawn Makeover from Maratt Lawn & Garden.

Lawn Treatment results in sheffield by Maratt Lawn & Garden


Perhaps the lawn is plagued with weed grasses; maybe the lawn is literally as 'old as the hills'...and it shows!
If your lawn is beyond its best, a patchwork of good and bad grasses, or you just want 'The Best Lawn...Ever', then our Lawn Makeover is just for you!
Over the last few years we gave ourselves the task of turning existing lawns into the ultimate lawn. With better results than turfing, with less disruption to, and commitment from the home-owner.

Maratt Lawn & Garden total weedkiller for starting a new lawn from scratch


Our Lawn Makeover is not a superficial, quick fix transformation such as scarifying and over-seeding - often called a Lawn Renovation. No, we give you a brand-new lawn. 
We kill off the old lawn with a grass weed killer, remove the old grass and weeds, re seed and top dress.
We will even make a number of Post Makeover Day visits to check everything is progressing as planned and treat the lawn with our bespoke products.

Maratt Lawn & Garden Lawn renovation in Fulwood


  • Anyone who wants 'The Best Lawn...Ever'

  • Lawns which are blighted with undesirable weed grasses

  • Old or worn-out lawns

  • Lawns which are plagued with excessive moss and thatch

  • New-Build properties laid with poor turf

Over seed Lawn in sheffield by Maratt Lawn & Garden


1. Total Lawn Kill

We will apply a herbicide to kill all plant life in the Lawn area. As the lawn dies, it will turn yellow, then brown, 'straw like'. This will happen over the next 7-14 days.

Maratt Lawn & Garden total weedkill lawn to start again

Our Features

Whats the cost?

From £14 per m²

Easy Scheduling

Simply get in touch and we'll guide you through the whole process.

Better For the Environment

When compared to turfing the environmental cost is considerably reduced.

Highly Rated Service

Completed by the proffesionals, providing outstanding results.

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